We provide IP Search and Monitoring services as follows:

(1) IP Search Before Entering Korean Market
For people who will start a business or launch new items in Korea, we provide a service for investigating the IP related to your business or items with comments whether your items infringe the IP registered in Korea or not.

(2) Prior Art Search Before Filing Application
For anticipating IP registrability before filing application, we provide 1) the searching result and 2) comments on the registrability through basically searching the prior arts published in Korea, the USA, Japan, the EU, and the WIPO.

(3) Searching Prior Data for Invalidation
In case that your or your clients' businesses are obstructed by the IP in any countries as well as Korea, please contact our office. We can provide prior data for invalidating the IP by investigating the prior arts, literatures, and product records. In the prior art search for invalidating the IP, we search basically the published patents and the like in Korea, the USA, Japan, the EU, the WIPO, and China. But we can additionally search the country having many patents related to the infringement assertion patent invention. The prior literatures are non-patent documents such as papers published in journals. The prior product records are documents recording the local production or sales in the countries that have a high possibility in using the infringement assertion patent invention before the filing date. The details of the search are carried out by your orders and the report of the prior data is provided with the investigation results and together with our comments on the invalidation possibility.

(4) IP Infringement Search and Monitoring
In order to protect your or your clients' IP from any infringement in Korea, we can regularly or irregularly search and/or monitor and then report the results to you. Especially, trademarks may often be registered despite an illegal use of your or your client's credit by adding letters on or modifying similarly to your or your client's registered trademark. For protecting it effectively, the regular monitoring is needed. In Korea, it must be considered that the trademark opposition is restricted within 2 months from the published date in the Official Gazette and that the invalidation trial of the infringed trademark is restricted within 5 years from the registration date.