(1) Appraisal (statement) is a document judged and written by the professional patent attorney on whether the specific product or trademark/service mark (business mark) infringes the registered patent, utility model, trademark, or design right or not.

(2) When an infringement litigation is sued in Korea, appraisal is used as an evidence for claiming of IP owner that the other party infringed his or her IP right or for claiming of IP user that he or she did not infringe the IP in the court, the prosecution or the police. The appraisal does not restrict judgment of the court and the like, but it can work as an important evidence or reference for affecting judges on the judgment.

(3) When our office is requested to carry an appraisal out, our professional patent attorney objectively makes a judgement and decision on the issues according to the Supreme Court precedents and provides a statement in writing as the same form as the decision statement of trial to confirm the scope of an IP right.