Welcome to SOJUNGHAN Patent & Law Office

SOJUNGHAN was founded on April 25, 2005 and has specialized intensively in the technological fields of electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, semiconductor, display, medical apparatus (fusion technology) and biotechnology.

By handling patent businesses under quality over quantity, SOJUNGHAN maintains almost 90% or more patent granting rates and considerable successful rates in trials and litigations of patent infringement disputes in Korea (You can check the scores by accessing KIPRIS and entering "920040000805", the agent code of "O Jun Kwon", in Agent (AG) field of the Search window).

SOJUNGHAN is not an agency for simply representing the specification writing and filing. SOJUNGHAN tries to meet clients' application purposes. For examples, if a client wants to have a monopoly on the technology, SOJUNGHAN tries to get a patent having the most wide scope of claims for considering patent infringement actions, if a client wants transaction of the technology, SOJUNGHAN tries to get a patent enabling to transact to the related companies, and if a client wants a retained technology advertisement and a report of achievements, SOJUNGHAN tries to get a patent as possible as. After registering a patent, SOJUNGHAN also provides services continuously to achieve clients' purposes such as an actions for patent infringement, transactions of the patent technology, and the like.

In order to protect the excellent technologies and profitable business items internationally, SOJUNGHAN maintains close co-working relationships with our international partners in the United States, Japan, China, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, etc. Therefore, it is possible to increase patent-grant rates and to properly respond to any patent disputes in Korea and other countries. SOJUNGHAN provides the best services to properly protect your ideas and to help achieve your business purposes by a reasonable cost in Korea.

Thank you.