▶ Korean IP application and registration for international clients
We are working for international clients to file and register an Intellectual Property such as Patent, Utility model, Design, Trademark, Copyrights and the like in Korea. If you send us the specification filed in your country, technical ideas or contents to be registered, we will translate it into Korean and do our best to register in the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) using our professional experiences. Even though an office action (OA) is issued in the examination procedures, we will provide a response draft (e.g., amendment and/or arguments) to the OA for the oversea clients.

▶ Trial and Litigation
We, on behalf of international clients, are carrying out a Trial and/or Litigation related to the application or registration of Patent, Utility model, Design or Trademark. And we can also work for international clients when IP related disputes are occurred after the patent registration at doing a business in Korea.

▶ IP Transactions
After registering your IP in Korea, if you do not use it, because it only leads to disclose your technology to the public in Korea and requires to pay the annual fees for maintaining your IP, you need to find a plan for using it. In order to meet your needs, we can find a plan of your IP use. On the other hand, if your items for business in Korea have already been registered as an IP in Korea, you need to purchase the IP or be granted a license as long as it has not been invalidated. We can also offer you IP transaction services.

▶ IP Search and Monitoring
IP Search and Monitoring For our oversea clients, we offer services related to 1) IP Search before entering into Korean Market to start a business or launch new business items in Korea, 2) Prior Art Search before filing an IP in Korea to anticipate the IP registrability, 3) Prior Document Search for Invalidation to counteract against any business obstacles which you or your clients have received by IP in any country as well as in Korea, and 4) IP Infringement Survey/Monitoring to prevent any illegal use of your precious IPs by reporting a regular or non-regular survey/monitoring result.

▶ Warning Letter, Appraisal and Translation
On behalf of our oversea clients, we can write and send a warning letter for responding to the unauthorized infringements of third parties after registering IP in Korea or a response letter for counteracting against a warning letter sent by any other patentee etc. due to IP infringement during your business in Korea and also do incidental business related to the warning or responding letter. And we can provide an appraisal statement as a professional patent attorney's opinion on whether certain products or trademarks/service marks (business marks) infringe the rights of patents, utility models, trademarks or designs or not. Additionally, we can also translate IP-related or non-related documents, IP Search and Monitoring Report, Warning Letter, Appraisal Statement, License Agreement, Office Action and the like into a language you or your clients want.